Claire Marin

Silent Art


“For me, creating art means becoming silent. I have a concept of silence in my mind and through my artworks this silence gets visible.” – Claire Marin


As an artist, I was always drawn to blue. Blue, in all of it’s shades, represents tranquility, wisdom, peace. It’s the colour of the sea, of the sky and the night – and I am always coming back to it, combining it with greys, whites, and now and then with the bright colours of the south of France.


I think of my artworks as quiet guardians at the doors of the subconscious mind. My art is mostly abstract but always linked to the world around me and inspired by the beauty of silence – I never get bored exploring it’s infinite appearances of growth, rest and decay.


Recent Works

Connected | Series | Monotype, Oil On Paper

NFTs / Digital Art

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